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Baby Booty Acrylic Template

Who doesn’t love a template to make

their lives easier!

Available in -

Large - Makes One Pair of Baby Booties - 9cm Long

Small - Makes One Pair Of Baby Booties - 5cm Long

- Comes complete with full A4 tutorial instructions

- 4.5mm clear acrylic

- Can be washed and used over and over again

*Small Baby Booty Template - $18.50

*Large Baby Booty Template - $24.50

*Large & Small Baby Booty Templates Pack - $40.00

Proudly made right here in Central Hawkes Bay, NZ.

Examples of baby booties

made using the template and an idea of the size of the

small template.

The small would work well for cupcakes.

Flower Boards

Flower board for making wired flowers -

comes with non stick mat.

These have been called the best in the biz by some of our awesome NZ cake decorators!

- Amazing quality board

- Large 300mm x 300mm size / 6mm thickness

- 5 small grooves + 3 large grooves

- Great space in the middle to roll out rose petals or use the

back of the board for rolling out rose petals etc.

- 3 different sized holes

- Now with photo instructions! An easy to read clear

picture guide even if you are new to wired flowers.

These will be sent to you via email as a PDF upon purchase.

*Flower Board - $40.00

Proudly made right here in Hawkes Bay, NZ.

Examples above of some wired flowers.

Roll and make multiple petals at once with 3 large grooves and 5 small grooves.

Ganache Boards - Round And Square

Ganache boards for using to ganache your cakes to get those sought after oh-so gorgeous straight edges.

Quality Clear Acrylic / 3mm or 4.5mm thickness

Sets Available - (Round & Square)

3mm - *4” to 12” Rd or Sq. (Whole Set) - $65.00

(1 x 4”/5”/6”/7”/8”/9”/10”/11”/12”)

3mm - *4” to 12” Rd or Sq (Evens Set) - $35.00

(1 x 4”/6”/8”/10”/12”)

3mm - *5” to 11” Rd or Sq (Odds Set) - $30.00

(1 x 5”/7”/9”/11”)

4.5mm - *4” to 12” Rd or Sq. (Whole Set) - $95.00

(1 x 4”/5”/6”/7”/8”/9”/10”/11”/12”)

4.5mm - *4” to 12” Rd or Sq (Evens Set) - $65.00

(1 x 4”/6”/8”/10”/12”)

4.5mm - *5” to 11” Rd or Sq (Odds Set) - $55.00

(1 x 5”/7”/9”/11”)

Individual Boards Available - (Round & Square)

3mm                    4.5mm

*4” - $4.00 ea.            *4” - $7.00 ea.

*5” - $5.00 ea.           *5” - $8.00 ea.

*6” - $6.00 ea.           *6” - $9.00 ea.

*7” - $7.00 ea.           *7” - $10.00 ea.

  *8” - $8.00 ea.         *8” - $11.00 ea.

  *9” - $9.00 ea.         *9” - $12.00 ea.

    *10” - $10.00 ea.       *10” - $13.00 ea.

    *11” - $13.00 ea.       *11” - $15.00 ea.

     *12” - $14.00 ea.        *12” - $17.00 ea.

Larger Sizes are available on request in both round and square also.  Boards are made to order with a quick turnaround time.

Proudly made right here in Central Hawkes Bay, NZ.

Above image credit to the oh-so talented Nat from www.sweetnessandbite.com

You can find a brill tutorial Nat has created on her epic blog

on how to use these awesome boards - by clicking right here!

(Go and get your ganache on you good thing you!  You’ll be a sharp edge ganaching ninja before you know it!!)

Making rad products since 2015!

(We are always coming up with new ideas so if there is anything you’d like to see, drop us a line and let us know, we love mail!)

Clear Acrylic Scrapers ( Set of 4)

Clear Acrylic Scrapers for getting those sides of your cakes super smooth!

Can be used with ganache or buttercream and also other things like scraping out chocolate or cake lace onto your lace mat etc.

Quality Clear Acrylic

Set of 4 scrapers - 4" / 6" / 8" / 10" Heights

- Thinner than what is currently on the market and thats where the difference comes in! - Much easier and lighter to use and handle.

- You will gain much smoother

edges and find them much more effective than thicker versions.

- Much better pricing than what's currently on the market at just $25 per set of 4. (plus postage)

Proudly made right here in Central Hawkes Bay, NZ.

Here’s what some of our favourite professional NZ cake decorators are saying -

“The scrapers from Design @ 409 worked so well I will only be using those in the future....perfect thickness for a clean finish to your buttercream or ganache, they were very comfortable to hold and perfect for cakes of all heights as they come in a range of sizes!”

- Cindy, Cindys Cakes / FB Cindy’s Cakes

"We love Design @ 409’s new scrapers - they're the perfect thickness and flex to get a clean sharp finish, and the multiple heights make our super tall tiers much easier. We'll definitely be changing over to using them for all our cakes - and all our classes"

- Becs, Stiletto Studio Cakes / FB Stiletto Studio Cakes

“Fantastic set of scrapers from Design @ 409, I love the different heights and the thin design make them easy to grip and control. I got the best finish on my cakes I've ever had! Would absolutely recommend, I won't be able to live without these now!”

- Karin, Sweet Little Treat - Cakes by Karin

“The thinness of these scrapers are what makes them stand out for me. I own thicker ones & after a day of ganaching my hands would be pretty sore. The Scrapers from Design at 409 are light & thin but sturdy enough to scrape through thick ganache & leave a beautiful finish on the cake. After 5 hours of ganaching my hands were pain free! WooHoo!! The different heights are awesome for short & tall cakes - they also act as a perfect leveller for the top of the cake! So super happy to own these!!”

- Kez*, Iced By Kez

Sold Out

See more of Design at 409’s designs made with their legendary laser beams, on Flickr!